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FORTI Women Wing was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing a credible platform for empowering women in business. FORTI Women thrive by upliftment! With an aim to help women in business connect, network, and diversify their businesses, FORTI Women regularly organize shows, fests, training, workshops, exhibitions, seminars, etc., allowing them to garner a strong network of working professionals.

Message from President

Ranoo Nathany Srivastava

“I believe in leading my life as an example – My path is driven by love, compassion and hard work..”
Ranoo Nathany Srivastava is a successful businesswoman and the current President of the FORTI Women Wing. She completed her schooling at Maharani Gayatri Devi School and college at Ajmer Sophia. After college, she got married and had two sons, Kanhai and Shivam. Her family moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where she lived for two decades and had a variety of experiences, including working with the United Nations Organization and other MNCs where she was appointed as the President of the ‘Indian Association’, designing jewelry, learning French, and teaching English at a university.
She then returned to India and started a successful jewelry manufacturing and export business. She also became an active member of organizations and associations in Jaipur and was elected to various leadership positions – Member of “The Chamber of Commerce”, Chairperson of “All India Ladies League”, The Women Economic Forum, Jaipur Chapter, Congress state Secretary of the Rajasthan Commerce and Trade cell, President of FORTI Women Wing, Executive Members at Women Mentors Forum (WMF), and Rajasthan Secretary at Confederation of all India Traders (CAIT). Throughout her life, she has been guided by a deep connection to Buddhism and the principles of love and compassion.

FORTI Women History

FORTI Women Wing was originally founded in 2010, with Seema Sethi as its First President with an aim of assisting women in women and helping them reach new heights. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, FORTI Women had to shut their operations in 2012. Later, in 2017, with the same vision, FORTI Women restarted its operations with even more zeal and enthusiasm. Ranoo Shrivastav was elected as the new President of FORTI Women in 2017 and stayed in power for a term of two years. In 2019, Neha Gupta was elected as the President, and Alka Agarwal was elected as the Vice President of FORTI Women. In 2022, Ranoo Shrivastav was re-elected as the President. Under the leadership of women from different backgrounds and industries, FORTI Women has been able to help to position itself as a one-of-its-kind organization that facilitates conversations and hosts sessions that empower women in business.

Core Committee

Name Designation
Ranoo Nathany Srivastava President, FORTI Women
Neelam Mittal Vice President, FORTI Women
Lalita Kucchhal General Secretary, FORTI Women
Usha Agarwal Advisor, FORTI Women
Parul Nayyar Advisor, FORTI Women
Priyanshi Agarwal Add. Secretary, FORTI Women
Poonam Madan Joint Secretary, FORTI Women
Mahi Agarwal Joint Secretary, FORTI Women
Shubra Bohra Executive Member, FORTI Women
Sakshi Ahuja Executive Member, FORTI Women
Radhika Agarawal Executive Member, FORTI Women
Alka M Agarwal Executive Member, FORTI Women
Reet Choudhry Executive Member, FORTI Women
Ankita Gupta Executive Member, FORTI Women
Meenakshi Solanki Executive Member, FORTI Women
Ratika Bhargava Executive Member, FORTI Women
Right Talk FWW

The Right Talk

Under the guidance of Anand Srivastav (Police Commissioner, Jaipur) and Sunita Meena (Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jaipur, Nodal Officer Nirbhaya Squad), FORTI Women took the initiative to educate and inform girls and women about their rights. With an audience comprising over 300 girls and women from different colleges like Agrawal PG College, Arya College of Engineering & IT, and Biyani Group of Colleges, our guest speakers talked about women’s safety issues and how to deal with them, discussed and elaborated upon their right, and shared different platforms and hotline numbers women can contact in situations of emergency.


Self-Defense Training

FORTI Women organized a 15-day training camp for girls at Agarwal PG College, under the guidance of Anand Srivastav (Police Commissioner, Jaipur) and Sunita Meena (Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jaipur, Nodal Officer Nirbhaya Squad), teaching them various defense mechanisms and enabling them to act in unfavorable situations. The girls were taught simple defense tricks that could help them fight situations where they find themselves under harassment. Also, there were talk sessions that helped them voice their queries and get expert opinions. 


COVID Initiative

When COVID charged through the economy, halting many industries, and when most families were struggling, FORTI Women took the initiative to help underprivileged women get employment. FORTI Women took it upon themselves to train these women in sewing, help them buy new sewing machines, and get them jobs in various industrial areas to help them sustain amid chaos. 


Cancer Awareness Day

With guest speakers Dr. Mridula Gehlot and Dr. Sapna Bohra, FORTI Women organized a Cancer Awareness on 16th September 2019 at Mangalam Signature Tower in Lalkothi to spread awareness about cancer. The panel discussion revolved around the need to step up the population’s cancer literacy and knowledge, the key risk factors that lead to cancer, their prevention, and the role of regular screening and check-ups in minimizing casualties. 


“First You Learn, Then You Remind”

To spread awareness about finances and how to manage them, FORTI Women organized a Financial Talk Show, “First You Learn, Than You Remind” at Agrawal PG College to help women understand their financial rights and platforms. Financial Expert BL Gupta taught women the tricks to move freely and make the most of their finances. 

Tabcoo Free Project

Tobacco-Free Workplace Campaign

On 2nd October 2019, FORTI Women organized a “Tobacco-Free Workplace” campaign to raise awareness about the increasing health risks due to tobacco consumption. Through the campaign, thousands of people resolved to quit tobacco on the spot.


COVID Webinars

During COVID, FORTI Women also organized multiple webinars to help individuals connect, discuss challenges they’ve faced and find a way around them. With healthcare experts on board, webinars allowed them to share their knowledge and help curb the virus’s spread. 


Apart from healthcare experts, the team also brought together popular Bollywood celebrities and experts from the country to talk to people about moving forward again with new thinking and strength by inspiring them to remain alert and relaxed.

Tree Plantation

FORTI Tree Plantation

Taking it one tree at a time, FORTI has embarked on an environmental initiative to plant trees across Rajasthan to address environmental degradation, sensitize people towards the need to preserve our environment and ecology, and spread awareness about the environmental impacts of urbanization.