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FORTI Initiatives

COVID Donations

During COVID, FORTI actively took the initiative of being there for its community and undertook measures to minimize the impact of the pandemic. FORTI made it its mission to minimize the impact of the pandemic on families and individuals. 


During the first wave of COVID, FORTI ensured the supply of 3 meals a day for 75 days to over 25,000 people in Rajasthan. Whereas, during the second wave, when the impact of the virus was prominent, FORTI built a 100-bed hospital that provided free treatment to its patients and anyone in need, distributed over 200 concentrators free of cost, and ensured a free of cost supply of oxygen cylinders, medicines, machines, and other necessities to anyone in need. 


FORTI was also sanctioned by the Rajasthan Government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to administer COVID vaccination doses. Taking it upon themselves with full dedication, FORTI now holds a World Record for the maximum number of doses administered by a single organisation with over 2,50,000 successfully administered doses.

FORTI Startup and Innovation

FORTI has always actively supported innovations and new ideas that help society at large. Therefore, to help start-ups incubate and grow into full-fledged businesses, FORTI’s startup and innovation project is an annual event that provides young entrepreneurs with a platform to present their business ideas, and FORTI, in turn, helps them develop them further through funding and resource investment. The event awards the Top 3 winners with a monetary prize of over INR 1,00,000 to help them kickstart their operations and connects them with mentors and industry experts who can help them grow the scale of their businesses.   

GST Bill Amendment

Upon the implementation of the GST Bill, FORTI hosted over 100 seminars educating rural businessmen about the impact of the implementation and how they can make the most of the newly implemented changes.